For conscious entrepreneurs and professionals – leaders, achievers, visionaries and deeply intuitive empaths:

"Is this the year you want to step up into your bigger, on-fire, ROCKSTAR energy, attract and amass the money you want, while knowing you are finally standing in the power and mission you were meant to ... and having a LOT more juicy, fun, excitement and reward than ever before? I've created a special place to make it happen for you."

Finally, You Can Experience First Hand The Steps You Need To Grow Yourself, Your Money and Your Mission With Less Struggle Than You Thought Possible"

I'm including my step-by-step techniques to break through the blocks that are keeping you stuck, secrets of planning your marketing ... and a place to apply your knowledge to your own business, so you start transforming yourself and your business even while you are attending this conference.

But you need to act fast! We are limiting the size of this event so you can have a personal growth experience and enjoy all the benefits.


From: Margaret M. Lynch, Money and Personal Power Mastery Expert

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur:


Do You ...

  • Know you are meant to do something bigger? But you have watched yourself play small or sabotage yourself (and your money!)
  • disappointed
  • Work really hard giving your amazing gift? But have disappointing results in your income?
  • Tired of striving to prove you are worthy enough? While feeling constant worry and anxiety about your money? (where's the REWARD phase?)
  • Work hard on self-development and transformation but aren't getting REAL CHANGE, real results that you can feel and see in your money.

Here's what usually happens. Conscious entrepreneurs know they have a mission and big desire to share their gifts. So they work really hard, become amazingly expert and do their inner and law of attraction work in hopes that the money and success will arrive. But there is a disconnect in their inner and outer work. Neither is addressing their specific blocks to earning and amassing money NOR accessing and igniting the true source of their personal power. No surprise that you're working hard and learning everything you can but something just isn't happening for you. You're likely to feel frustrated because you sense there's something missing and you don't know what it is, let alone how to fix it.


You're not alone. No one has ever taught conscious entrepreneurs how to recognize what's limiting and sabotaging their money specifically, along with a fast, reliable method to get past those blocks. No one has ever given conscious entrepreneurs a true look at the source and flavor of their personal power and manifesting ability and shown them how to bring it up to rockstar quality…even when we are not quite a rockstar yet.


Until now. I'm hosting a breakthrough live event, where you get to go beyond what you get at a typical workshop program. You don't just LEARN how to transform …you start transforming the way you operate in your money and personal power ... even on the very first day. You gain momentum and tools that carries you through the rest of 2012 and sustains your rockstar journey.


People keep asking me, "Margaret, how did you do it?"

How did I go from leaving corporate America (and take a 90% income cut) to start a brand new business on my own to over 150,000 loyal subscribers and earning $750,000 in less than 4 short years.   I've been asked to tell my story. I've been asked to develop programs and products. I've done some of these things ... but this time I have created a whole event based on the secrets to my success. I'll give you what worked, what didn't, and what I learned, so you can shortcut around my mistakes and build on my successes. And I'm going to share this story with you in March 2-4, 2012.


I've learned how to do this the hard way with trial and error “experimentation” on myself. I've also helped thousands of people worldwide transform through workshops, classes, coaching and home study courses.

But we need another level of transformation - something that would happen fast and keep momentum going for a long time. That's why I created this event:

Ignite your Power, Manifest Your Wealth!

Be the Change



Doubled my retirement account


The results reported here are definitely not average. Those who experienced the greatest amount of growth are those who practiced what they learned. You can do this too ... and you will get off to a head start at my "Ignite your Power, Manifest Your Wealth!" event March 2-4 2012, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Ignite Your Power, Manifest Your Wealth is the ONLY event that gives you these 3 transformational outcomes ... right there:

Uncover and Ignite Your True Personal Power and ROCK Star-Quality.


Working to own your power is great, but how do you know what your true power, sounds like, looks like, feels like?
Most transformational programs don't let you discover your true core soul quality…and the source of your unique power.  Most tapping approaches don’t clear at the level of deep vows against our power.  Nor is standard tapping designed to uncover and “ignite” that power into a bigger, bolder FLOW of energy!

At Ignite Your Power, Manifest Your Wealth, you don't just get a bunch of standard actions and affirmations for confidence and self-esteem.  You will discover the unique quality of YOU that is your power, exactly how you refuse it and exactly how you own it.  You'll get “seen” for that quality, maybe for the first time in your life, and practice speaking it, owning it and feeling the energy of it. 
You will recognize with complete clarity that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT quality of your power for manifesting
1) everything you need for your mission and
2) everything you desire to receive in exchange. 

The actual physical manifestation of “wealth” in its many forms, such as opportunities, resources, cash flow, ideas, people, revenue, vacation money, support, fans, perks, gifts, collaborations, colleagues, synchronistic events and unexpected, divinely timed miracles. 

And you won't forget what you learned.  Experiencing a true “aha moment” about who you really are and how your power runs is game-changer; that genie will not go back in that bottle!  But we will take it even further!  You will take your aha moment, capture it by creating your “Power Profile” and solidify it with tapping, intention and commitment to an action plan.



Step-by-Step Clearing and Strategy to Attract and Amass a Dramatically Different level of Wealth. 

If you've been working hard, giving your gift but the money – the income, the savings, the fun money, does not match what you have been envisioning, it’s time to clear your specific blocks to specific kinds of money.  Not blocks to “abundance”, blocks to money!
The easiest and quickest way to clear specific blocks is ... EFT Tapping. It may be “out-of-the-box”, but it’s also a powerful mind-body technique with measurable, proven results and a 25 year track record.  That’s why top level success coaches (such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker) have added it to their programs and events.
Blending the cutting edge teachings of the chakras adds a whole deeper level. The teachings from Rhys Thomas (of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine) provide a revolutionary map to uncover the negative vows we take against wealth and our personal power (which are intimately connected) so they can be cleared away with tapping.  It also shows us exactly how we manifest from all 7 Levels of our brilliance and power. 

I'm THE innovator and expert on combining the power of tapping with Rhys’ cutting edge teachings of the chakras applied to both wealth and personal power. And I've got the financial results and career results to prove it, since I've made almost just under a million in the last year alone. And here's the secret: Once you clear your specific blocks to money, AND step into your mission with ON-FIRE brilliance, enthusiasm and passion, wealth arrives in all forms.  You will work hard in your mission, stretch, grow, step up…because you LOVE it and are unstoppably INTO IT!


step by step process to unblock wealth


Leave with an Action Plan and World-Class Tools for Deliberate and Continual Progress

You'll get solid Profiles in both your Personal Power and in your Money, outlining exactly how you sabotage and exactly how you manifest from your ROCK-Star quality.
You'll create a personal action plan in both your personal power and your money outlining the exact strategy and action you will be taking to proceed the most dramatically to your goal AND engage the law of the attraction the most powerfully. 

And since you'll actually get experience of doing this live with me, it will be SO much easier to get in the rockstar vibe of passion, enthusiasm and brilliance! 


The Biggest Tapping Event For RockSTAR Personal Power and Wealth Manifestation!

Ignite Your Power, Manifest Your Wealth


Here's a sneak peek at what's in store for you at this event...

/images/changes.pngYou'll experience the instant results from EFT Tapping. Maybe you've heard me speak about tapping on broadcasts and teleseminars. Or maybe you've even worked with EFT practitioners to develop your strengths.
But when you experience my brand of tapping LIVE- in a roomful of people – the flow of energy and power is so present, so REAL, it is just magic!

You'll experience your own transformation from where you are now – your current wealth and power set point – to the bigger, bolder, more passionate and fearless version of you.  You won't just hear me talk or listen to panels of experts.  You will be in it, living it, feeling it, VOICING it.

Here's just a sample of what you will experience over these 3 days.


Day 1. "Meet Your Inner RockStar! ( Warning, she's been locked in the basement and wants to be seen!)"


If that makes you curious, then you need to be at this session!  If that makes you worried, nervous, nauseous….you NEED to be at this session.  If you doubt you have an Inner RockStar, you really need to be at this session! 

Discover your core soul quality and true power source with special appearance of Rhys Thomas
Discover exactly how you resist your true self and true power …. And exactly who and what you are attracting and manifesting while in that state.
Discover exactly how embody your true self and true power …. And exactly who and what you are attracting and manifesting while in THAT state.  (hint, this one is awesome!)
Discover exactly how you sabotage your power in each form of your money (income, savings, debt, goals) AND clear each pattern!  
Conquer the #1 way you live the vow to be invisible or play small and step into bold! 
Connect to the real feeling of your power and fabulous experience of bringing that power UP!



Day 2. "Discover Conscious Manifestation applied to wealth (no more having your money dictated by programming in your blind spot).”

It is a true revelation when we finally see the specific ways we are manifesting  the exact amounts in our savings, debt, income from programming that has been in our blind spot (even throughout the best personal development and tapping intentions!)
Take those specific revelations and tap them into true transformation in the way you operate in your finances. 
Discover your biggest resistance against wealth and transform it into your best motivation.
Clear the paradigm that sets your entire wealth picture and make a free and REAL choice about your new wealth set point.
Discover the most powerful way for you to think about, feel, envision and manifest wealth.


Day 3. "Outrageous Goals and RockStar Swagger"

Pulling it all together with a real goal, a real plan, and commitment to action.
Just reading that sentence can cause resistance!  In this session we will jump right in and clear that next level of resistance (you know… the one that usually hits when you arrive home).  This is the real, full mind and body resistance to taking the action – totally going for it – in your money, mission and personal power. 
Clear the 3 biggies in that resistance today so you CAN take action when you get home and keep the progress humming.

Go behind the scenes and learn exactly how I used just this process to quadruple my income in my 2nd year in business.

Turn the most negative self talk around your goals into the most powerful and POWER UP tapping you can do.  This will turn on the biggest charge of unstoppable, fearless rockstar commitment!   
Discover exactly how to engage the law of attraction to deliver everything you need, in divine timing to support your goal.   

Here's a Peek At Our Beautiful Transformational Location: The Westin Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Join me for 3 action-packed days at the newly remodeled Westin in sunny Fort Lauderdale. We arranged room rates that will be kind to your budget (ONLY $149/ night!!) and first class accommodations that will pamper you in style.

I chose this location to support your personal transformation. As you enjoy this exquisite hotel , you'll be affirming an environment that supports your business vision. When you make self-care a priority, you become even better able to serve your own clients.

In fact I encourage you to come a few days early and treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation so you'll be especially well-prepared to gain maximum benefit from everything this event has to offer. You can enjoy the afternoon sun on the Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach overlooking the on-site beautiful three-acre lagoon. Or get out and explore: you are just a few minutes away from downtown Fort Lauderdale and many local attractions that have made the area a premier destination, such as. The Palm Aire Golf and Country Club, pristine Fort Lauderdale beaches, and the Isle of Capri Pompano Casino.

Before or after the event you can relax by the sparkling Westin pool where you will catch some rays and meet some new people.

Give yourself the ultimate self-care at the lagoon-side gym with a dry sauna, followed by a dip in the outdoor heated pool or waterfall-side whirlpool.



As soon as you register for Ignite Your Power, Manifest Your Wealth!, you will get the information you need to book your reservations. We've negotiated an amazingly low rate for you, at just $149 /night.






YES Margaret! I want to start tapping into wealth and business mastery at your live event March 2012!
I am excited to attend the first Ignite Your Power, Manifest Your Wealth event ever in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and get these benefits:
Opportunity to practice what I've learned and get direct feedback, inspiration and guidance on the spot (so I move into action and learn by doing instead of just listening)
LIVE networking sessions with other service business professionals attending the conference (with dozens of JV opportunities, connections and potential mastermind partners).
Opportunity to harness the energy and POWER of live EFT tapping in dynamic group settings with top tapping Expert Margaret M Lynch (and learn how I can continue at home).
Opportunity to receive laser coaching from Margaret during Q&A sessions
Lots of opportunities to ask specific questions about my power, blocks, fears…

You Get all this for ONLY $997 --- if you act quickly you can get our special Early Bird Pricing and pay only $497 for this amazing transformational event!