Bring a Friend Contest


Invite your Friends to the Ignite Your Power event LIVE
and receive up to $15,000 in prizes!!

Experience 3 Days of Deep, Transformational Healing…
With up to 5 of Your Friends – for FREE!

This year at IGNITE, I’m going to deliver MORE of exactly what you’ve been asking for – my deep, transformational work filled with experiential processes – so that you’ll leave seeing and feeling major shifts in your power!

And what could be better than experiencing life-changing transformation in a powerful atmosphere…than sharing it with FRIENDS?

I’m aiming to fill the room with your perfect people – coaches, deep personal development lovers, and heartfelt entrepreneurs on a mission – but I need the help of my Inner Circle peeps to do it! (That’s YOU!)

So I’m offering 5 free extra tickets for you to GIVE your friends for a chance to win amazing PRIZES, even cash! We’ve made it super easy for you to share this and it’s a win-win for you and your friends, so please read on below for more details!

Contest Details

To show my gratitude for your time and effort in inviting your friends, I’m celebrating you with some amazing prizes! But first, here’s how the contest will work:

  • The IGNITE Bring-a-Friend contest will run from February 11 – February 28, 2019
  • You’ll get 5 “Inner Circle” tickets to give out for FREE (If you need more, just ask! As a reminder of how special you and your friends are to me, I want you to know that everyone else pays $997, and can bring a friend for $97 – this is the value to me of filling the room with the RIGHT people!)
  • I’m going to do a lot of the work for you by warming your friends up to me, my work, and what you’ll be experiencing at IGNITE in a series of 3 LIVE online healing events! But I’ll need your help to reach out and invite those who you think would be interested or benefit from this work!
  • I’ll send you some email copy that you can use to invite your friends to the first online healing experience that I’ll be hosting on December 7 where you both can expect special, one of a kind tapping and healing in the lower chakras – what I’m known most for in this industry!
  • Once your friends sign up for that first webinar, we’ll automatically be inviting them to the remaining 2 trainings, which all build on each other. This means, by the time IGNITE rolls around, your friend(s) will already have cleared some blocks, be thanking YOU for it, and be dying to go even deeper in a LIVE experience!

No difficult convincing on your part.  We’ve made it easy for you!

This is really a unique opportunity for you to partner with me to promote IGNITE to the very people we both want there, as well as uplevel your credibility and authority as a highly vested coach, positioned in my Inner Circle!

You’ll also be expanding your amazing community of others just like you…and HAVING FUN DOING IT!

We only do this once a year and it’s a great chance to get on our team’s radar (you never know where that can lead….) PLUS you’ll get a special inside look into how our company runs!

When You Bring Friends to Ignite, You Could Win…..

#1 Two-Hour VIP Session with Yours Truly
If you bring the MOST friends to IGNITE! (Because I do not offer 1:1 session anywhere for ANYONE except for special occasions within my Inner Circle – your only chance to work solo with me!)

#2 Free Admission to our BRAND NEW $5k Certification/Transformation Event!
Bring 5 or more friends to IGNITE and get 4 days with me in 2019 where you’ll be totally transformed – PLUS get certified in the deep, lower chakra work that I specialize in!

#3 Free 1:1 Coaching Sessions with our Rock Star Coaches!
Get a free session for each friend you bring, up to 3

Bring at least 1 friend and you BOTH will get exclusive access to a private group call with me in May!

CASH Bonus:
If your guests come to IGNITE and join the Rockstar Program, you’ll receive a $1,000 commission check for each sign-up!  This is a NON-commissionable program, meaning I do not allow any other affiliates or partners to receive commision for sharing it – except YOU.

Here’s how to Get Started

Step 1:
Join the private IGNITE Partner Facebook Group HERE and click the “Join Now” button and our admin Kay will approve your request.

Step 2:
Stay connected to the special IGNITE Partner Facebook group.  This is where all the action happens, and where we’ll be communicating more contest details!

Step 3:
Watch your email inbox closely. We’ll be sending you special email “invitations” that you can share with your friends to invite them to the healing webinar series. Then, the day after the webinar happens, you’ll receive another special email to send to your friends with a special surprise – their FREE ticket to IGNITE from you, our valued Inner Circle member!

Step 4:
Give your friends a call and let them know the email is in their inbox. (Remember: they just saw in the webinar that the official ticket price is $997…Imagine how they will feel knowing YOU can get them in for FREE!) Let them know that all they need to do is use the special link you send them to register with their REFUNDABLE $197 deposit and add your name as the friend that referred them.  Easy as that!

We’ll send you email copy to share before and after each of the 3 healing webinars, first encouraging your friends to check out me and my work, and then offering your free tickets the day after!

Know that even if your friends don’t want to come to IGNITE, they will still absolutely benefit from the webinar series where they’ll dive deep into clearing and healing their biggest chakra blocks!

Your personal insight is important to them. Your authority and credibility from having worked with me or been in my programs is powerful testimony to the healing that’s also possible for them. So please do share what has drawn YOU to this work and how you’ve benefited from it!

Step 5:
Make sure that by Feb 14, your friends have registered for IGNITE using the special link we gave you to share with them.

(And make sure you’ve registered as well using the special link WE send you! You won’t want to miss seeing your friends transform right before your very eyes when March rolls around….)

My deepest, soul-calling MISSION is to bring more transformation to MORE people and
ripple the healing we all need out into the world.

Let’s partner and grow our conscious community and transform TOGETHER!

Margaret M. Lynch © 2019 |