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Ignite Your Power, Manifest Your Wealth complete event program – 12 DVDS, 21 cds, full book of all the presentations and a seat in the 6 week live program with Margaret $397 Value plus bonuses!


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All video must be submitted by Sunday at 4pm eastern time.

Contest requirements
1. Watch the video presentation of “What’s Your Mission?/What are you Battling?

2. Create your youtube video declaring:

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  • Your name (and business/website – optional)
  • Your aha moment about what you are battling, how you battle and what it has cost you in terms of energy, $$ and/or your mission, etc
  • Your big realization of what you are FOR and what your mission is! (like you want us to know how passionate you are about it!)
  • Why you would really like to work with Margaret in the Ignite Your Power program
  • Include this URL in the description of the video


3. Upload the link to this video here on this page in the facebook comments section below!

4. Also share your video link on your facebook page, twitter, via email, etc to get more views!


[text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]Contest Winners[/text_bar_1_left]
1. There will be 2 winners based on 1. Person who is the most passionate both their aha moment AND their mission and 2. The person who gets the most views of their video. (remember, to get view, you need to share your video via twitter, facebook, linked In, etc.

2. Winners will be announced on the special teleclass on Sunday at 6pm eastern and their names announced to my entire list!


[text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]How to make your first youtube video using webcam…super easy! [/text_bar_1_left]
1. Sign up for a youtube account at, it takes just a few minutes.

2. Make sure you have a working webcam!

3. Sign into your new youtube account and press the button on the top right that says “upload”

4. On the next screen choose “use webcam” follow the instructions to record and upload your video

5. Take the link “your video will be viewable at this link” and copy and paste it onto the contest page comments!

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