Trouble Shooting

If the video is not displaying correctly for you, please try the following steps:

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]Step 1[/headline_arial_large_left]

Close all other applications, and all other internet windows.

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]Step 2[/headline_arial_large_left]

Restart your computer, then return to the live stream page.

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]Step 3[/headline_arial_large_left]

Switch your modem off for 1 minute, then turn it back on. Give it a minute to boot, then ensuring you are on the live stream page, press control F5 to refresh the page.

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]Step 4[/headline_arial_large_left]

Ensure you are not downloading anything

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]Step 5[/headline_arial_large_left]

If all else fails, please email both AND, and describe the problem in detail. If you have a Skype account, please include your Skype ID in the email, as we may try to contact you to sort the issue.

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