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There is an entire generation of people with amazing gifts, brilliance, hidden star-power and positive intention that struggle with feeling stuck, unfulfilled, like they are just spinning their wheel but never quite getting “lift off”!

Join the tribe that is fearlessly and consciously transforming ourselves, and taking action toward our fulfilling missions! Let’s step together out of our programming and all the ways we block and limit our power and our missions and STEP UP into the courage, power and DRIVE to start giving your gifts and loving your life at a WORLD-CHANGING, Rock Star level.

It’s not fluffy and easy, it starts with radically speaking the truth of who and what you battle (even when it is YOU), then making powerful choices from your highest self and mission! This is the high-test stuff!

But the upside is beyond worth it…feeling more present, alive, on-fire and more connected and committed to yourself and your mission than ever before! AND… from this place you become a powerful magnet, drawing to you everything you need to LOVE the hell out of your life and further your mission!

On this class you will learn how to:

  • Pause in the present moment and become aware of “what you battle/push against/judge”
  • Connect 100% with what you are attracting MORE of in that moment (because you NEVER really want more of that)
  • Honor the awesome energy and deep calling even in that battle
  • Use what you are against and the “energy of battle” to IGNITE your courage, enthusiasm and commitment to GO FOR your real mission!

NOTE: To get extra ready for this class you can watch the video called on the tab above called What is your Mission? (Click Here)

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