Special teleclass just for attendees and livestreamers of my Ignite Your Power event!

Finding your mission, whether it’s a new career, volunteer work or just being more powerfully YOU in your corporate career and life, is not like falling off a cliff! It’s a process! As a matter of fact, your current “day job” is often the perfect place to be as you evolve and your mission clarifies!

I have created this teleclass JUST FOR YOU because we had so many question on how to use my work while happily (or unhappily) in a regular job.

You will learn:

  • How your current job (love it or not) is a perfect place for deep transformation work
  • How to use what you learned at Ignite to transform your workplace (even your boss)
  • How your current job has hidden gifts that are exactly what you need to create a new mission
  • The #1 think you can do to become a most valued employee and even ROCK your review.
  • How you can use the profile work as a secret power in the workplace (okay I used this a lot and it is almost an unfair advantage!)

Join me this Sunday March 25th at 5pm Eastern Daylight time for some eye opening ideas and tapping!

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